Re: Zoom Patch

On Sun, 31 Aug 2008 13:05:36 -0600, Christian RidderstrÃm <christian ridderstrom gmail com> wrote:

On Sun, 31 Aug 2008, Phillip Neiswanger wrote:

This is the only mouse I will ever own until I find another track ball
mouse that's better. So far, nothing I've tried beats it. As you can
see, I do not move a mouse, I roll a ball and it does not provide a
scrollwheel. Thus, it did not even occur to me to tie zooming to a
scrollwheel. What does it matter anyway? Why can't Dia support mice with
and without scrollwheels? Shouldn't this be something I can configure?

I agree it'd be nice if it was configureable. I'd love to use Dia as in
AutoCAD (a somewhat well known software:-), i.e. zoom in/out with the
scroll wheel with the focus of the zoom located where the point is; and
click-drag with the scroll wheel to navigate (pan).

Wow. How do you pan with a scroll wheel? Do you have a mouse with two wheels? Or do you use different keys to get up/down and left/right?

Now that I think about it. Why do we need a configuration? Keep pan/zoom on the middle mouse button for mice without scroll wheels, then put pan?/zoom on the scroll wheel as well.

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