Re: Units in dia

On Apr 9, 2008, at 10:37 AM, Robert Latest wrote:

Hello people,

I've got a few questions regarding units and sizes in dia:

1. In page setup, I can set a page size, but I can't see the page
borders in the canvas

2. What are the units of the rulers, and how can they be changed?

3. What are the units of e.g. line widths?

4: If exporting to a bitmap, how can the pixel size/resolution be set?

I couldn't find anything in the docs or FAQ.

If you use the SVN version, you can set what units are being displayed in the various input boxes. The ruler units cannot be changed yet, they are in cm.

If you export as PNG (Libart), you can set the dimensions of the resulting image. Assuming, that is, that you have a version compiled with Libart.


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