Re: Now look what you made me do

On Sun, 2007-09-30 at 14:38 +0200, Lars Clausen wrote:
So all this talk about delete key make me think more about how edit mode
would happen, and eventually I sat down and did the first essentials.
The current SVN uses edit mode, entering it automatically when an object
with text is created or on Enter or F2, and exiting on deselecting the
object or Escape.  It doesn't fix the menus or anything, but I'm piling
up remaining tasks on

Forgot to say that everybody's welcome to join in the fray and make
patches or suggestions for these tasks, or for tasks that have not been
noticed yet.  If testing, please make sure to check any problems you
find are not covered by the remaining tasks before complaining about
them.  Then hopefully next weekend we can have a bug-closing fest, as
this enables us to get through a number of old problems.


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