Re: How can I add a custom page size?

On Wed, 2007-09-19 at 01:32 -0700, elwood151 wrote:
I would like to use a specific page size (18 cm x 25.2 cm) for Dia, but in
the menu I can't find an option to enter my own parameters.

Is there a way to add my custom page size to Dia? 

Not without recompiling Dia.  You can add a new size to lib/paper.c, but
then your diagrams will no longer be quite compatible with standard Dia.
It's not a bad idea, though, and being able to add custom sizes would be
nice.  A first step might be to read /etc/paper.config if it exists and
add those sizes, but in either case the size should be written in the
file.  It would be more future-friendly to write the size there anyway.


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