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I'm working with Graph::Easy[1] to define a series of flowcharts. I'd
like to stick with Graph::Easy because it is, um, easy. It is easy to
organize data and define styles, mostly, and easy to keep my data
structured neatly.

Graph::Easy's layouter, however, has enough limitations that I do really
need to move the output into a gui tool to organize the layouts for

I can output either graphML or SVG (as well as a few other less useful
formats like ASCII and HTML), but I can't seem to figure out whether or
how to import this output into dia.

I can pull the SVG output into Inkscape[2] and ungroup the collection of
shapes and arrows that make up the charts, but Inkscape doesn't (unless
I'm missing something?) understand nodes and lines in a particularly
helpful way. I can place the SVG output in Dia, but only as a single
image, not as a collection of many images, and Dia doesn't seem to
recognize the SVG data as a group that could be ungrouped.

Has anyone worked with GraphML output in Dia? Is there something I could
be doing to help Dia read SVG files better?



Amanda B Hickman
Technical Director, Gotham Gazette

tel 212 227 0342 ext 23
fax 212 227 0345

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