Re: More Shapes: Living Systems Theory

On Fri, 2007-01-12 at 04:50 -0800, Ian Smith wrote:
I have submitted shapes and sheet for Living Systems Theory as well.

Are there any guides for allowing user editable variables in the shape
definitions? Is it possible to allow a dynamically expanding array of
values? (Or a collection of objects, each object containing values
based on the shape type.) 

Looks like I didn't point you at the ext_attributes back then, don't
know if they cover some of what you need.  Anyway, the shapes are now
put up on Steffens shape repository.  Steffen, you may want to add this
descriptive text there:

Here is the description of the attached shapes/sheet:
This is a series of shapes based on Living Systems Theory by James G Miller. It
is a comprehensive set of subsystems that can document any living or nonliving

system. Due to the property of "shred-out" each subsystem can then be analyzed
in the same way, and utilize the same subsystems.

It is possible to document systems like web servers in LST, but the majority of

this documentation will be as useful as the amount of detail included. Storing
variables in each shape is the next intended feature.
Basic documentation on Living Systems Theory is available at


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