about changing properties of multiple objects

On 10/25/07, Lars Clausen <lars raeder dk> wrote:

Given that text switch, this is where being able to select many and
make the same property change to all the selected would be handy.

That's why Sameer is your friend:)

Posting this here since current developments on this front might
remain unnoticed until a proper release announcement. The capability
to change the properties of multiple objects has been partially
implemented in SVN now. You can now group multiple objects and open
the properties dialog for the group. This will present you with
widgets for a union of all applicable properties, that you can use to
set properties for all objects in the group.  The group can even
contain other groups.

Any properties that you do not modify will retain their relevant
original value for each object. If you group a red line and a blue
line, the property dialog will show either red or blue as line colour.
But the original colour won't change if you don't touch this widget.
You can use the dialog to change the end arrow for example, without
any effect on the colour. A visual indicator would be nice, about
which properties will be applied to all the group members, but that is
not planned any time soon.

Caveat: the current implementation is quite simple-minded. If you
group objects with very large lists of properties (like UML classes),
the dialog box may be very big and quite difficult to use. But its
quite useful for simple objects.

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