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On Wed, 24 Oct 2007, Michael Ross wrote:

Can't you put all the "sometimes invisible" text on a layer and toggle that on and off as needed? I do that all the time with equipment diagrams now. One layer is the functional diagram, another maybe a schematic, another may have purchasing information or setup information on it. I turn them on an off as needed.

I should have been more clear. In this case I always want the text that belongs to the shape 'Chronogram - time scale' to be invisible.

Note that the text belongs to this particular shape, and as far as I know, I must place the entire shape on the same layer.

Clearer now?

I also overlay scanned graphs and do the same.


On 10/24/07, christian ridderstrom gmail com <
christian ridderstrom gmail com> wrote:


I'm not sure if the following use case for why an 'invisble' text colour
is needed, but I have a vague memory that one was needed from a long time
back. The use case should probably be added to a bugzilla issue, but I'd
like to mention it here first (and maybe someone can remember which

Here's the use case.  I wanted to draw a timing diagram, and used the
Chronogram block. However, that block automatically shows various numbers
and I want to have arbitrary text instead of numbers.  The solution I
chose now was to set the text colour to the same value as that of the
background.  This will however not work if the background varies, or if it
is later changed.

So to summarize, this is a situation when I would have like to be able to
set the colour of the text to 'invisible'.

I hope the description of the use case makes sense, and if there are other
solutions please let me know.

Best regards

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