Re: revamping the undo infrastructure in Dia

On 10/23/07, Lars Clausen <lars raeder dk> wrote:

I already posted a patch on one, about the dialog popping up
when you undo something.

Oh, good, that one always annoyed me.  If you have a bug number at
hand, I can find it and apply it.

I tried looking ... Hans has recently applied it and closed the bug.
Seems that a lot of activity happened this weekend!

Actually, if you use the built-in chaining, it's more of a clean-up job
than something that needs branching.  Once you make sure that
returning a chain of undo gives the expected effect, you can just go
through and fix objects, which shouldn't cause any seirous


The selected objects properties and open groups are not top priority
right now.  Getting the integrated UI finished and the edit mode into
a reasonable shape is all that I see as really required on the new
feature front.  Then there's the bugs...

Neither of "integrated UI" and "text edit mode" are up my alley. I
think "cleaning the undo system" as you put it, and the PROP_LIST work
seem closer to whatever I currently understand about the Dia code.
Will continue to look at those. I also have a pet project that keeps
sticking its head out ... full Gtk2 compliance!

is to have one or two more releases with features, then release 1.0
being only bugfixes and fine-tuning.  If that comes true, we will
manage to not have to make version 0.100!

There should be a release that concentrates on user experience and
small functionalities that can go a long way. For example, these two

Remember last-exported file format

Popup properties dialogs should rember their last position

Default page diagram size should be taken from printer settings

Print the grid

Research Scholar, Department of CSE, IIT Bombay

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