Re: pdf export / scaling - got lost

Helmut Jarausch said:

I'm very new to Dia which looks very promising to me.
Yet, I don't understand Scaling and exporting to PDF.

Under Page Setup I have Scale:55.0 .
When I export as an .eps file which is used
within a TeX-file, I get a result which I expected.
(Surprisingly the Scaling applies to exporting, as well).
When I now use a (common) Perl script 'epstopdf'
I can use resulting .pdf file within pdftex without problems.

But when I export directly from Dia to a .pdf file, and
using that under pdftex, the image is shift to the left
(out of the page).

What am I missing?

What you need to do is share your PDF exporter, as Dia doesn't come with
one. If you're making PDFs by printing to a PDF printer driver, you get
extra margins (which I would have expected to shift the image to the
right, but you never know).


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