creating custom shapes for visual storytelling

I want to use Dia to write a screenplay. I need to create a sheet of custom shapes with names like character, location, prop, costume, interaction, etc. Each shape will need custom dialog boxes that appear when Properties is clicked. These dialogs will allow the inputting of the necessary data that goes along with each story element-shape.

I've looked at the dialog box associated with the UML class shape which makes me think it might be possible, but is it? Can I create my own data objects and assign them to new shapes? Or is it just the UML class shape that has the ability to store extra information? With XML as the back end, what does it care about what I put in or where? As long as I conform to my DTD ...

I'm an experienced object oriented programmer with no experience in Dia. I'd like to know if what I want to do is even possible before making an investment on the learning curve. Thank you for your assistance!

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