ChangeLog Demon and 'Standard - Outline' (was Re: Dia ChangeLog report for 2007-11-06 13:01:39 UTC (Tue 06 Nov))

On 05.11.2007 23:15, Lars Clausen wrote:
On Tue, 2007-11-06 at 14:24 +0100, Dia ChangeLog Daemon wrote:
Snapshots available at

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Sorry about the long delay in getting the ChangeLog daemon fixed.  

Nice to have it back again!

Hans' new stuff finally got me to look into it.  Cool stuff, Hans!  

There's an
issue with filling in some letters, otherwise it looks nice.

Unfortunately I dont know a way to make the filling respect holes within
the glyphs. The path data delivered by cairo just consist out of different
outlines, the first of a glyph usually the outer shape. When that is filled
for a glyph like '#' the following hole filling does not matter anymore.

It may be possible to substract overlapping outlines, but cairo does not
give any hint on that either so some beziergon 'collision detection' would
be required. But even with this information reconstructed the best Dia's
beziergon currently can do is 'blanking'.

As always: patches accepted :-)


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