Re: Python plugin

On 20.03.2007 12:37, Johann Kellerman wrote:
Hi all,

Pre-9 on windows seems pretty stable from this mornings use and
finally the exporting is fixed, making backups optional (as it should
be) again - thanks Hans!
You are welcome.

One trivial thing - did the behaviour of the mouse cursor change?

Not that I know off, probably you should rephrase your question so I could
understand the problem ;)

Is the python scripts supposed to be platform independent? None seem
to be working (except the bounding box one) on Windows. It also seems
to be version dependent (2.2.3) on windows.

The scripts are supposed to be not platform dependent, the bindings
obviously are due to being compiled either for Linux or Windows.
By compilation the c-module intefacing with Python is bound to a
specific Python version. For windows this is AFAIK Python 2.3 (or maybe 2.2).

See also:

Some other plug-ins provide a GUI implmented with pygtk and will only work
if that's installed as well (you'll need a version compiled for the same
Python version as PyDia)

But there are more Python plug-ins (not only in the menu) e.g. save as
.svgz; PyDia Codegen, PyDia .dot, all have no dependency to pygtk ...

Also the three entries in the help menu (All Objects, PyDia Docs, Dia
Object Types) should work without gtk+.

I'm not sure what's included in the setup, though.

BTW: most of the scripts were developed under dia/win32 but also sometimes
used/tested by me and others under Linux.


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