RE: Metapost - text alignment

From the documentation, I do not understand the scope of the 
box information (when it exists, and how it can be accessed), I will 
try to find some time to play with it soon.  Right now, I don't even 
have LaTeX up and running on my laptop.


The following MetaPost program 'does the right thing'.  And 
should provide a guide for positioning _any_ LaTeX text as one 
would hope.

Turns out it was pretty simple, once you wrap your head around 
MetaPost.  (I got some help from Usenet).  We can throw two 
simple macros into the MetaPost boilerplate, and everything 
should be easy.


I've used Rob McDonalds example macros and hopefully improved the
metapost output. Please take a look at bug 332554 and let me know how I
can improve it.

Note that I've not used the draw_text_line. Because draw_string needs to
know how to align the text, I've implemented draw_text and this calls
draw_string. Sorry Lars, I just couldn't see any way around it (well, I
didn't think very hard).


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