Re: Is there a way to draw an "invisible" line?

On Mon, 29 Jan 2007, Lars Clausen wrote:

christian ridderstrom gmail com said:
I know that I can set a line's foreground colour to the same as the
background in order to make it "invisible". What I'd like to know if there
is some way to actually set the colour of the line to "invisible"?

I've used this in other softwares, e.g. Tgif, and it's quite useful. You
can change the background colour without worrying about side effects for
one. Another thing is that it feels more logical to me to set the color as
invisible when that is what I mean.

Should I file a bugzilla feature request for this?

Can't think of an obvious way to do it with what's there, so it'd be a new
feature.  Question is whether to add 'invisible' to the line attributes,
or more generally add a transparency setting to, oh, everything (of course
some renderers can't handle that).

Not quite sure what you mean, but being able to select a new "colour" called 'transparent' as the foreground and/or background colour would be fine. I mainly thought of it as adding a new pre-defined 'transparent' colour to the colour selection dialog. (Of course, I have no idea if that's a workable solution).

I've filed a bugzilla entry for this as bug 402113.


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