Dia VDX plug-in 0.9

Version 0.9 of the Dia VDX plug-in can now be found at http://www.redferni.uklinux.net/dia/vdx/

Slightly later than I wanted, I've added the SplineStart/Knot support and also made a few final tweaks. Geometry handling is now restartable, removing the "MoveTo after start of..." and "Unexpected additional objects" messages. Some bold/italic and font information is now used properly (although formatting and automatic line breaking within text are still beyond Dia), the InfiniteLine warnings disappear, text formatting is inherited from Masters and Layers have been tweaked yet again.

Text layout and layers are still sometimes off, although they've improved. Neither of these make a document unusable, but they need some clean and simple examples for me to understand what's going on, so I've left them for a future release.

There's also a problem that some Visio shape libraries (specifically the Cisco ones) use embedded binary EMF shapes, which I'm not going to attempt to parse for this release. They will appear as outline boxes.

I don't plan to make any more changes for now, so unless anyone finds a serious problem - particularly a crash or compilation failure - I'd like this to be the version included in Dia 0.96.

Many thanks to all those who have supplied beta test reports and sample real-world documents to work with - this work would not have been possible without you. I look forward to receiving many more as people test Dia 0.96.

Ian Redfern.

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