re: Aligning center of circle to grid point

How can I draw a circle so that its center is aligned with a grid point?
(I'm using snap-to-grid).

Just grab the circle by its central handle and move it the the grid point. It should snap to that point. If your object is very small you might have to zoom at a very high factor to differentiate the connection points.

What I'm trying to achieve is a small black dot to put on intersections of lines. As the lines are usually drawn between grid points, the intersection will also be on a grid point.
I do that a lot in my figures too. However, now that object have a central connection point, it is not necessary to have the lines touch a grid point, you can connect them to the object central connection point of the circle object (by enabling the automatic connection to center).

A problem you might experience with connection points is that they do not seem to work if you drag the endpoint handle of your line object across another object such as an ellipse. It seems the handle does not "see" the underlying grid points which are kind of masked by the ellipse object in between.

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