Re: Menues with mixed languages

loli said:
Hi all
I'm a frequent user of  Dia-0.95-1 with spanish menus.
I beleive    Dia-0.96-pre3, has some error:
when I run   app/ I get main menu and diagram menu in  english;
but if I click on main menu "File" I see
    spanish     "Nuevo" "Abrir" .... "Preferencias"

Interesting, it happens with Danish translation too, that apparently
random menu items are in English -- even ones that were in Danish in 0.95.
 It's not that the translations aren't there, they just seem to be ignored
for some items.  No obvious correlation with shortcuts or images. 
Probably a problem with the new menu generation system (GtkAction). 
Rather critical, could you file a bug on it?


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