Re: Dia VDX plug-in 0.8

Ian Redfern said:
Sorry Lars - I guess weekends are in similarly short supply in Denmark.

The VDX importer is now at the point where it does a useful job with
most of the files presented to it, though it's not yet always faithful
to the original. A few more tweaks to NURBS this week, and I think it
can be let out into the wild. I haven't had much feedback about the VDX
exporter yet, but that does do a simpler job.

Well, I'm hoping getting the prerelease in the hands of more people
(especially Win32 people - Steffen?) will get more banging on your code. 
I'll be putting out new prereleases when you make new versions of the VDX

There's quite a few things that Visio can represent but Dia can't, and
I'd like to put some of them on the 0.97 wishlist, in case you run out
of things to do...



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