Dia VDX plug-in 0.8

Version 0.8 of the Dia VDX plug-in can now be found at http://www.redferni.uklinux.net/dia/vdx/

This version addresses almost all of the problems reported by testers over the last month. In particular, the unwanted boxes, "Unexpected Bezier object:", "MoveTo not at start of Bezier", many text alignment, grouping, arrow, flip, curve, bitmap, master and arc problems should now be solved.

I've tidied the code up to remove some duplication, and added additional debugging: the environment variable VDX_DEBUG turns on copious debugging, and VDX_DEBUG_SHAPES=all colours each shape by its Visio Shape ID to allow the user to easily find which Visio shape corresponds to a Dia one.

The only major outstanding problems are with certain kinds of spline, some text layout, and embedded EMF - the latter particularly affects users of the Cisco Visio icons, and will not be solved soon.

I hope to release a 0.9 during the coming week that addresses the remaining spline issues and any others that people report; that version should become 1.0 and be ready to ship as part of Dia 0.96 next weekend.

Many thanks to all the testers who sent VDX files with bug reports - I'm using all of them in my regression tests, and they've been invaluable for locating some of the more baroque features of the file format. More volunteers are always welcome.

Ian Redfern.

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