Export Resolution

Hi there ...

I'm using Dia for my thesis written with LaTeX, and I wonder how I can
set the resolution used when exporting the diagram to PNG.

So far everything works fine exporting the diagram to PNG (using the
Portable Networks Graphic filter, not the pixbuf one) and including it
in my LaTeX document with \includegraphics[]{diagrams/test.png}.
Dia sets the printsize in the png correctly, resulting in a correct
sized graphic in the PDF created from the LaTeX.

If I use the given pixel-sizes when exporting I get graphics with
2px/mm, doubling the pixel-sizes when asked by the export filter results
in a graphic the same size but with 4px/mm.
Now my question: is there any way I can preset the resolution used to
calculate the pixel-size of the exported PNG?

Cheers, Tim.

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