Re: moving objects between layers

Lars Clausen wrote:
Guy Hindell said:
Hi all

Is it possible to move objects between layers other than by
cutting/pasting them? Sorry if this is covered in the docs.

Not yet.  It would be easy to add such functionality, and I suppose there
is a case for it in that it would preserve the connections (since in
recent versions it is possible to have connections between layers).
This was what made me ask - being able to create connections which cross layers is really useful as it allows construction objects to be hidden away (the -L flag on export is nice too - I'd previously been hacking at the .dia file with perl before exporting).
If you don't go ahead and do this yourself (by adding a command in
app/commands.c, menus in app/menus.c and core functions for moving between
layers in lib/diagramdata.c), please at least make an enhancement bug
report about it in

I've added this to bugzilla - don't know if I'll be able to add it for myself.

Thanks for dia.

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