Patch for bug in general saving and loading of arrows


recently I found a very nasty bug, which is simple to reproduce:

1. create a new diagram
2. put a line in it
3. make the STARTing end of the line an arrow head of any shape
4. adjust (at least) the width of the arrow head, so that is not 0.5
any longer
5. save the diagram and close it
6. reopen the diagram
7. look at the with of the starting arrow head: it will be always 0.5

I found that the error was quite trivial, it is quite funny that this
bug was not discovered earlier.

I also filed a bug for it, namely

and also attached the patch there. Please integrate this ASAP into
CVS as it messes up a lot of my figures and maybe other users just have
not noticed it so far!

Kind regards,

Attachment: line.patch
Description: Binary data

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