Dia and Python - scripting question

Hi all,

i`m looking for a way to create a couple of diagramms that show the
evolvement of our network infrastructure over the last 10 years.

Since this would be a very time consuming task to do manually (couple
hundred objects), i`m looking for a way to script this in python.

I basically need the following functions:
- create objects/object groups (eg: router with text description)
- connect objects to other objects (eg: router to network cloud object)
- connect objects with lines
- change properties of an existing object/ objectgroup/ part of an
objectgroup (eg: shape, linestyle, text etc.)
- arrange objects relative to another (eg: connect a bunch of
computers to a network cloud)
- collision detection ( a wish...)

Could someone point me to code examples / has anyone done something
like this yet?

I`d be really thankfull!

Kind regards,

BTW: Using dia since 2003 for network planning :)

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