Re: Digital Logic Shapes

On Tue, 2007-07-24 at 16:14 -0600, Jason Klaus wrote:
I've created a number of Digital Logic (AND/OR/XOR gates and more) and CMOS
transistor shapes for Dia that I'm using for my own work.  I found the
existing Logic sheet lacking in terms of devices represented, the quality of
those present, as well as no horizontal variants.  I figure many other
people could benefit from these shapes, so I'd like to donate them to the
project.  Unfortunately I don't have the time to setup a link to the
repository and setup a proper patch against the source, so I was wondering
if anyone on the list would mind doing this for me.  Drop me a mail and I'll
send you copies of all the shapes and sheets I've created.  I welcome
comments or advice on how I can make them better.

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.  Given that I made the
original logic shapes, I'd love to see them upgraded -- I definitely
wasn't pleased with the results either.  

If they are just shapes, sending me a zip file with the shapes and
sheets would work nicely.  If there's coding involved, a diff would be
appreciated, but we can discuss those things offline.

On a side note, I realize that Dia will eventually support rotation of
shapes, and having both horizontal and vertical versions of each shape won't
be necessary any longer.  But for the mean time I've included both.

Emphasis on eventually, nobody's actually working on it right now.


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