Re: UI issue: Text edit mode

On Fri, 2007-08-10 at 06:37 -0700, Mark Dexter wrote:
I think this is a very good idea. I would also add a right-click Text
Edit option, analagous to the Rename option on File Manager. Mark

On 8/9/07, Sameer Sahasrabuddhe <sameerds gmail com> wrote: 
        On 8/10/07, Lars Clausen <lars raeder dk> wrote:
        > I have my doubts about what would be best for entering.  My
        ideas so far 
        > are
        > I'm favoring 3 over 2, even though it'd rule out using '1'
        for zoom
        > 100%.  I think 4 would be confusing and hard to code.  But
        is 1 too
        > non-intuitive?  Are there better ways?  What do other
        programs get away 
        > with?
        Use the same behaviour as a file manager does for renaming ...
        on the text a second time, to enter edit mode.

I'm thinking this will be confusing, given the number of other things
that are being done using the mouse: Selecting, moving, resizing,
connecting, opening properties.

Having a menu entry is a good idea, though I think F2 is not the right
thing for it -- editing text is not the same as renaming, and F2 is not
exactly "at hand", keyboard-wise.  I would prefer something that fits
better in a workflow, which is another reason I'd rather keep the mouse
out of it.


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