Re: Dia First Time User

On Sun, 29 Jul 2007 07:47:22 -0700 (PDT), Richard Gautier wrote

I downloaded Dia and used it to create flowcharts for my MUD. I saw 
that you look for feedback, so I am here to offer it.

1. The default size relationship of objects to page size is too 
large objects. When I went to print it out, I could not believe how 
large the objects were in relation to the page size. I still haven't 
figured out how to change the default page/grid relationship, so I 
have been working with Dia zoomed in to 200% (to see a page at a 
time in landscape), and have tuned the objects I use to font size .3 
instead of the .8 default.

Have uo tried   File->Page Setup before printing? This is quite usefull.

2. It would be nice to allow you to create 'pages' of diagrams, not 
just layers. That way I could keep all my flowcharts in one file,
 but be able to quickly access any individual flowchart page. The 
alternative is to put all the charts on one big diagram, but it 
would not be a simple matter to find what I was looking for in a 
huge diagram.

3. The PDF export exports only one page of the diagram. My first 
diagram stretches over three pages. PDF export should use the same 
paging mechanism as the printing mechanism.

4. The zigzagline and polyline do not have connectors like the basic 
line. If possible, please add one connector per segment, and the 
ability to add more connectors.

5. Overall, I liked the tool. It was simple enough for a beginner 
like me to use, and provided the basic functionality of joining 
objects and providing basic flowcharting tools. For this I thank you.

Rich Gautier

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