Re: UI issue: Text edit mode

On Thu, 09 Aug 2007 22:57:38 +0200, Lars Clausen wrote
I'm strong considering splitting diagram editing into a "normal" mode
and a "text-edit" mode. 

I always think of two different "text-edit" modes; for example, loading an 
UML-BOX we can, without any double clicking, we can write some title ("my"
first text-edit mode); after double clicking a dialog opens up and we can fill
several fields (my second text-edit mode). I beleive you are refering to "my"
first editing mode (never found deleting problems with "my"  second one

Please, tell me whether I am right or wrong in order to better evaluate your
(and forgive my english)

 It will allow for more powerful text editing
down the road, use of more shortcuts in normal mode, avoidance of the
"Delete destroys the object" in text-edit mode and more.  While I 
have no problem with how to exit text-edit mode (Esc or clicking 
elsewhere), I have my doubts about what would be best for entering.  
My ideas so far are

1) Press "Enter" to start editing text.  Pro: Frees all other keys 
for shortcuts.  Con: Non-obvious 2) Press any letter key to start 
editing.  Pro: Natural start of writing for many people.  Con: Loses 
some shortcuts, can't start writing with non-letters or composite keys.
3) Press any non-modified key to start editing. Pro: Fully 
transparent for English-speaking people.  Con: Loses a few more 
shortcuts, can't start writing with more complex input. 4) Press any 
part of a character to start editing. Pro: Transparent for everyone. 
 Con: Loses a lot of shortcuts, including many alt and some ctrl-
shift ones.

I'm favoring 3 over 2, even though it'd rule out using '1' for zoom
100%.  I think 4 would be confusing and hard to code.  But is 1 too
non-intuitive?  Are there better ways?  What do other programs get away


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