Re: UML and generating business use cases / PRDs from UML Classes and Use Cases - Request for help / consulting support

On Fri, 2006-09-08 at 08:47 -0700, Grover Righter wrote:

I am migrating a product team to use UML for business use case modeling.  I
really like the Dia tool set (I use it on Mac OS X).  Can someone please
direct me to a developer who has contributed to the "code generator" plug in
for Dia

If you mean the XSLT plug-in (.code), the core and several of the
transformations are made by Matthieu Sozeau (mattam at,
though others have contributed particular transformations.  All the
authors are listed in the headers of the files, see

 and recommend a possible consulting support engineer to extend Dia's
UML code generator to be a Product Requirements Document generator?

I haven't heard of consultants specializing in Dia yet, though if you
give some examples of what input and output is expected, it's more
likely that somebody will raise their hand.

Thank you for your help.  This is my last chance to keep this project from
defaulting to use Visio (yech).

There are certainly things that Visio does that Dia doesn't.  But you
pay for those.  And I personally prefer Dia's interface.


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