Re: Dia Replace for Macs

Until I close participation, anyone who wants to is welcome to help test Dia
Replace.  I just need them to email me (support mike74 com) so I can send them a
download link.  If I have misunderstood your question, please try to help me
understand it.

You are offering people to test your *binary* of a GPL licensed
software. My question is why don't  you provide the modifications of the
source code (as a patch) so that people here, that develop Dia, can:

1. test and review the code
2. see about including it
3. provide feedback.

Note that providing binaries like you seem to do implies that the source
code also is available under the term of the GPL license (see the file
COPYING in the source code)

Also note that most people here don't run MacOS either,

And as a third note: all the development of Dia is done in the open and
the CVS repository represent the current state of the code. There is no
reason to open/close beta test like you want to do. But this is more a
philosophy/common practice than anything else.

Hope I'm clear.


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