Re: Dia ChangeLog report for 2006-10-14 03:00:01 UTC (Sat 14 Oct)

On Sat, 2006-10-14 at 21:44 +0200, Michael Duelli wrote:

+   * shapes/ (SUBDIRS):
+   *
+   * shapes/BPMN/*
+   * sheets/
+   * sheets/ (sheet_in_files): New shape set BPMN for
+   Business Process Modelling from anthonym overture com 

did you really upload that files ? I can currently not compile from CVS
as of missing shapes/BPMN/ and so on.

Yes, I did.  shapes/BPMN/ is version 1.1 now.  It is
conceivable, though unlikely, that the update to anoncvs happened during
my update.  Did you remember to run (or autoreconf)?


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