Re: dia from makefile


Check out the -e -t options. I think they do what you want.

Regards, Pontus.

allan stokes ca wrote:


I was setting up a small documentation project using DocBook and I thought
I'd use DIA for the diagrams.  The Docbook sources and DIA sources are all
under source control.  I was intending to set this up so that anyone who
checks out the source control tree could type "make" and have the finished
manual produced from scratch.  I wasn't intending to have the composited
document under source control.

Unlike most other image tools I've used, DIA doesn't seem to have any
command line options for processing DIA files directly to the available
output types, such as PNG, without going interactive.  Did I miss

I did a quick scan of the FAQ and archive and didn't find much other than
a reference to Python bindings that aren't ready for prime time.

One thing I like about DIA is how the XML output that integrates well with
source control, so I find it strange that there is no simple way (that I
can find documented) to automate generation from source within a Makefile.


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