My dream IDE

I wanted to share with you my dream of the 'perfect' IDE which I hope you guys will realize in your open-source projects. Ever since I worked with BlueJ (  I became more aware that most IDE's are actually file based, whereas BlueJ is actually 'design-based'. it integrates the designing and modelling of the application inside the IDE by making the user interact with the UML-like diagrams and allowing interaction with them. After having used this I became convinced this is *the* way to go since designing of an application should be an integral part of its development. From my own experience I know that too much applications are started on an 'ad hoc' basis. Better still would it be to also integrate a GUI code-generator (a la DialogBlocks) into the IDE which would make it complete.
Recently I stumbled upon an IDE which has all of these, but isn't open-source unfortunately: it's the new Borland Delphi 2006 Enterprise. Although I don't exactly know how much integration there is with the UML modelling (the UML modelling is only included in the Enterprise version, not the Professional version) it still seems to go an awfull long way in the right direction.
I hope you will include something similar in your roadmap as I am convinced this is the way to go. I'm hoping that some kind of cooperation between your projects will be possible so progress can be swifter. I'm sorry to say that at the moment I don't have time to help out, as I'm working on other open-source projects.

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