Re: dia.exe and dia-win.exe

On 12.02.2006 06:36, Steffen Macke wrote:
Hello All,

I would like to ship two flavours of dia with the
next Windows installer:

* dia.exe which is linked with /subsystem:console, allowing to
use see commandline output and error messages

* dia-win.exe which should be used by default, linked with /subsystem:windows
  This is available from the Start Menu, Desktop and Explorer double-click

Looks so reasonable that I just have changed the win32 build to do it.
dia.exe and diaw.exe both link dia-app.dll which contains almost all of
the previous executable.

What do you think about this? Remember the many complaints of people
about the "DOS" Window that confused them.

IMO the sum of complaints is a constant - if not rising like the entropy
of the universe ...
Hans: Is it ok with you to change app/makefile.msc to build both
dia.exe and dia-win.exe?

See above. Just creating two parts seemed to be too much of a waste in
build time as well as in disk space. The three part solution is
already in CVS.


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