Editing Text On a Symbol - Mouse Selection of Text to Edit?


I was wondering if there were plans to allow mouse selection of parts of
the text in a symbol.  Right now, I have to cursor and use CTRL and/or
SHIFT to highlight text to edit.  I would also like to say double click
in a symbol to highlight all text.

How difficult would this be to implement?  Is this something that a
novice C coder could easily (or easy with a little/fair amount of work)
could implement?

Also, I'd like to be able to turn on antialiasing by default but I don't
see a preference for it.  Would this be something that a novice could do
you think?

I would also like to see a toolbar in the drawing/page window so user
can choose text color, etc.  How difficult would it be do you think to
add this to the existing code framework?



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