Re: Non-interactive mode

On 12.12.2006 16:49, Alan Woodland wrote:

I just downloaded and compiled Dia 0.94 on my Mac (10.4), under fink.  
Following the instructions in the posting [1]. With Dia 0.94 on  
Debian when I run dia --version or --help it does what I expected,  
i.e. showing the version or the help and exiting. When I try this on  
my Mac (or more importantly use --export= and --export-to-format=) it  
doesn't work, instead it tries to treat all the arguments passed to  
it as files to open.

Am I being really stupid here? Is this a known issue? The  
documentation installed in /usr/local/man/man1/dia.1 indicates this  
should work as I expected.

Looking at the code I think this *is* expected, at least if you don't have
a new enough GLib version (>= 2.6) and also POPT (see HAVE_POPT in
app_procs.c) is missing.
BTW: I only looked at the current source verion, not the obsolete 0.94. But
I'm sure the code has only improved since that.


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