Re: bugs in Dia for Windows

On Thu, 17 Aug 2006, Jim Clark wrote:

So the grumps appear from nowhere, write a laundry list of complaints and disappear. Well I use Dia regularly for real work, and it does precisely what I want as I want.

I also use for real work, but this particular grump I found quite helpful. As a matter of fact, I also should report the current problems I have with Dia in order help make it better in the future.

My pet peaves at the moment are as follows:

* Feature request?
  I'd really like to be able to label a colour, e.g. lets say I'd like
  to call a red color "power". Then I'd like to use the "power" colour for
  various lines. Eventually I then discover that the red colour wasn't
  quite right (perhaps because some of the lines don't show up well
  because of the colour of some background). What I'd really like to
  be able to do at this point is to change the definition of the "power"
  colour and have all power lines change their colour accordingly.

  This can of course be extended to various attributes, so I'd really like
  to be able to define a logical set of attributes that I can then apply
  to different objects.

  I don't suppose this is already possible?

* Bug?
  It is annoying that the state of the 'snap to grid' setting isn't
  preserved when you open a saved diagram. What's more annoying is that
  for some reason the "dynamic grid" option also keeps being set, so
  when I do enable 'snap to grid', things no longer snap as they should...

* Feature request?
  Sometimes I draw a line in a diagram representing two things, let's
  say power and ethernet (yes, they can be combined if you are using
  something like PowerLine Communications). If power is red, and ethernet
  is green, I'd like to draw a line that's alternatingly red and green.
  Is this possible somehow?

I'll try to remember other things as I come across them. Finally I'd just like to say that I'm really grateful for Dia, and 0.95.1 for Windows is a huge improvement over 0.94!

Great work!

PS. Let me know which of the above I should report to bugzilla!

Christian Ridderström, +46-8-768 39 44     

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