Re: Drawing GUIs

On Thu, 2006-08-10 at 10:02 -0300, Pablo SebastiÃn Colombo wrote:
Hi everybody! I'd like to know how to draw GUI windows, because i'm 
working in a systems engineering project and .. as a part of the 
project, we have to draw all the windows, interfaces of the systems 
before the implementation's phase.
I believe that visio do that, and let you draw windows, bottoms, 
tables,... and so on... I tried to look for some objects (quickly) in 
Dia but i think that i'll have to build my own windows...... or 
surrender to the opinion of my partners and use a proprietary software.

I don't think Dia is the best for that, some more like you need Glade or
similar.  Can you show an example of what you expect it to look like
(maybe from the net)?


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