Re: bug in stringlist ?

lidiriel sagde:

I try to use stringlist (prop_text.c .h) with a new simple object.
For a attribut GList * foo, if foo has a minimum of one element a bug
appear when the object is draw (if foo is null no bug).
After analysis i think that dia failed on diagram_tree_add_object ...

<extract of diagram.c>
diagram_add_object(Diagram *dia, DiaObject *obj)
  layer_add_object(dia->data->active_layer, obj);
  diagram_tree_add_object(diagram_tree(), dia, obj);
probably i don't use correctly this type ??
Sommeone have an example of uses for this type ?

Given that diagram_tree_add_object has no relevance to the stringlist
properties, I'm thinking corrupted memory has happened.  As I mentioned
earlier, stringlist is not used anywhere else -- this means there's likely
to be bugs in there.  I can recommend using valgrind to find the first
place where somebody does something wrong to memory.  I'll poke onto #dia when I have time, so if you hang around there, we can
chat about it.


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