Re: Cairo image format

Hi Lars!

Thanks for the help. Now I've finally managed to get a working version

I just need to compile and make a package for libxslt, to get rid of an
error message when the program starts.


On Sat, 05 Aug 2006, Lars Clausen wrote:

Staffan Hämälä sagde:

I've compiled dia on solaris 9, but I get this error message when I try to

Error: Cairo does not yet support the requested image format:
        Depth: 32
        Alpha mask: 0x00000000
        Red   mask: 0x000000ff
        Blue  mask: 0x0000ff00
        Green mask: 0x00ff0000
Please file an enhacement request (quoting the above) at:
Assertion failed: NOT_REACHED, file cairo-image-surface.c, line 144

Is this something that needs to be enabled in Cairo? And in that case,
image format might that be?

I use the newest GTK+/Glib/Cairo/Pango.

The Cairo plugin is not essential to Dia, so try to configure

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