Re: Visio import

Thanks Lars!

Since 0.4 I've fixed shape positioning, rotation and reflection and a few of the text issues - NURBS are still a problem though. Expect a 0.5 soon with mostly incremental improvements.

I now have examples of most of the things Visio can do, although I'm sure there's still a few obscurities left, so further real-world documents are always welcome, as is feedback from anybody using the plug-in.

I'm afraid direct support for Visio stencils (VSX files) is a future project, but shapes made from stencils in VDX files already work, and should provide a way of getting stencils into Dia.

On Wed, 2006-08-02 at 21:25 +0200, Lars Clausen wrote:
As you may have noticed, Ian Redfern has been hard at work bringing
Visio document import to Dialand.  I just added version 0.4 of the
plug-in to CVS, and it's definitely getting better.  Ian does need more
samples to work from to get everything right, so if you happen to have
access to Visio, please please contact him
to hear how you can help Dia get better at reading VDX files.


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