Re: Visio import

I sure would like to have all those Visio shapes...  I couldn't figure
out how to make shapes efficiently in DIA so I just live with what is
provided for the most part.  I thought I might be able to documnet how
to make shapes, but I would need to learn SVG to do a decent job and
that is a non-starter.  Here's hoping....

On 8/2/06, Lars Clausen <lars raeder dk> wrote:
As you may have noticed, Ian Redford has been hard at work bringing
Visio document import to Dialand.  I just added version 0.4 of the
plug-in to CVS, and it's definitely getting better.  Ian does need more
samples to work from to get everything right, so if you happen to have
access to Visio, please please contact him (at vdx redferni uklinux net)
to hear how you can help Dia get better at reading VDX files.


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