Re: questions/experiences after a night spent with Dia 0.94 (WinXP)

On Wed, 2005-11-23 at 01:10 +0000, Mischa Oliver Altmann wrote:
Lars Clausen wrote:
Mischa Altmann wrote:
Installation (V0.94, WinXP using,  
AMD 1.8GHz)
- later i realised that certain button images are missing (e.g. snap to
   grid toggle, all in layer tool box) they show up as white pages with
   red x. Any ideas?

That is a Windows installation issue, which has a bug report on it.

I can't find anything on this (except a simliar debian issue ) -- still getting used  
to the bug-search facility (so much for usability...)

Bug #151746, you were close.

- updating of screen is sometimes slow/stuck especially when using
   layers. View > Redraw resolves this most of the time. I cant
   necessarily reproduce this. Hints appreciated...

I believe there is a bug report on this happening on Windows.
This is not *exactly* reproducible (same steps dont lead to same results)  
but creeps up every now and then (esp. with increased complexity & layers  
-- this might be an illusion because more complexity means more stuff that  
can make this bug more obvious).

Could we give Redraw a keyboard shortcut as a short term "solution?"

It is possible in GTK to dynamically assign shortcuts, though you'll
have to set some GTK-wide property first, and I'm not sure how to do
that on windows.  We could assign one of the function keys to it for
now, I suppose.

- why do most shapes have connection points but some dont?
   (e.g. the most basic shapes in "assorted" do not)

Which ones of Asserted don't?

Geometric - Quater Circle
     "     - Four Point
     "     - Eight Point
Assorted - Heart
Assorted - Quater Moon
[note: this is for 0.94 -- cvs might be different]

Ah, those weren't exactly what I was thinking of as "most basic".

- <Alt+T> open the Tools menu but is also assigned to select
   the text tool

Oops.  Personally, I never got into the whole
keyboard-shortcuts-for-menus thing, so I tend to miss those things.
There's several other of those.  Could you file a bugreport on that?

filed as WinXP specific bug as i dont know about other platforms. Anyone?

Also happens under Linux, if the menubar is on.

- the aligning of elements generally works well. it would be
   useful to have these functions readily available (small buttons)
   and/or spacially (logically) placed
[snip: example layout]

The menu can be detached, at least under Linux, which I will do on
occasion.  That helps enough that I consider this a very minor issue.

ok, how about being able to make a toolbox "always on top" of other  
windows? this would be an improvement for those who ask for dockable  
toolboxes -- i think.

There was an attempt at that in earlier versions, but I never think it
got to really work.

- how do i join two two arrows: ie how do i get a connection point
   at the end of an arrow? This was discussed in
   but I dont understand what Lars meant.
     My suggestion would be to have a shape that is no more than
   a connection point (and if necessary a "dot" that blends in with
   attached shapes/lines). This sounds easy but I dont know how easy it
   is to implement.

Such a shape could indeed connect two lines, but it would be difficult
to select.

i understand. I'll see if i have the time to test this out.
How would you do an organigram without this facility?
                +     +
             +-----+-----+--- ... ---+
             |           |           |
          +--+--+     +--+--+     +--+--+
          +     +     +     +     +     +
          +--+--+     +--+--+     +--+--+

One zigzagline from each of the lower boxes to the higher box.  Or use
the Bus object out of Network, though that is old and crappy in many

- how do i join an arrow to the somewhere on a zigzag, poly or
   bizier? I could create a mini-shape (but i cant move this
   minishape, as i would stretch it by click+drag)...
[snip: example]
No way to do this, as they don't have connectionpoints on them.  Not an
easy issue, I'm afraid, but suggestions are welcome.

errm, me? :-/


- Trapezoids aligned using "centered" produce angled connecting arrows:
[snip: example]
There is a bug report for this.  Both ways look a little funny in some

can't find it, sorry

Bug #109058

situations.  The upcoming mainpoint system should help.
mentions mainpoints but I am not sure how this helps.

It will, don't worry.

there's good input there.  Filing reports on the most
important things is the best way to not have me forget:)

you shouldn't have said this >:-)

You make me feel like Hagrid:)


Lars Clausen (lars raeder dk, larsrc gmail com,
"I do not agree with a word that you say, but I will defend to the
 death your right to say it."
    --Evelyn Beatrice Hall paraphrasing Voltaire

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