Harel State Charts for diploma thesis

Hi all,

i am about to write a code generator for Harel state charts which i want to
design with dia.
I made some shapes and a sheet but now I have to add some attributes to
those shapes to be able to differentiate between these shapes. From what I
have found in the documentation it is not possible to add attributes
(properties) with the XML code but it can be done in C. 
My question is wether someone from this list is able to send me
documentation for this task or and maybe source which I could use to
understand the procedure. The code generator which will generate C Code for
Realtime OS QNX will be written in Java. The generated C code will be quite
simple. More or less it is just a big switch case with some additional
thread creations. 
I am using Java cause there a tons of packages for XML handling and besides
that I am not that good in C coding. Allthough I hope that the coding which
has to be done for the attributes of the shapes is handleable by myself.

Thanks in Advance


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