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Lars et al.,

It the case of my other application, it was the act of drawing something into a window that was causing GTK to think that the window needed updating yet again. I still don't understand why it should do that either, it just did.

Anyway, you are providing some clues. You say that Dia itself updates at tenths of a second frequency, which implies that some sort of background thread is always doing something. If that is true, that would explain it this as expected behavior.

Could you kindly clarify if this is what you meant?

Thank you again,


At 08:53 PM 3/17/2005 -0800, Lars Clausen wrote:
On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 14:06 -0500, Larry Dennison wrote:
> Hello,
> I did notice something the other night.  I was working on Dia remotely -
> xterm'd at home via a VPN connection to work. When I fired up Dia, I get a
> lot of network traffic on the VPN monitor, even though I'm not doing
> anything in Dia.  Response was very sluggish.
> I had seen this before when working on another GTK application. I had been
> writing directing to a window, instead of using a backing store.  GTK
> seemed to be stuck in this cycle of "you drew to it, now you need to draw
> it again".  When I used a backing store, the problem went away.

I have managed to run Dia over remote X across the atlantic.  Not
pleasant, but it worked.  Dia itself only updates at some tenths of
seconds frequency, but we can't do much for GTK.  Why it would be doing
stuff when nothing's going on I don't grok.


Lars Clausen <lars raeder dk>

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