Re: Compiling Dia under Windows2000

Hi again!

Well, I used the instructions you made to compile with win32, it works fine
to compile Dia, maybe some includes or lib path to add (If there are, I wrote
that down somewhere...), packages to put in the right place but that's fine
to compile Dia.
As it was not working this morning, i replaced a dia install with my
build/win32 directory, and Dia worked fine. So, it seems the compiled
executable and libaries are fine,  I only need to move some (many) files to
the right location from the different packages used to compile.
I searched in the makefiles, and used them all, it doesn't copy all the files
required to run Dia in the build directory. As i wouldn't like to have
versions mismatch between the compiled files and the dlls and ressource files
needed to run Dia, I have to find all I need in my Dia compilation tree. This
way, I will really unpack packages, run the makefiles and get a fully working
I spent some time today modifying the dia/makefile to get more ressources in
the right place, to do so, I simply looked the Dia installation I have (where
there are much more dlls and config files and other resources) and tryed to
have something in a close state, but I havent't finished yet.

I also noticed some differences between the Dia 0.94 I installed and the
sources I downloaded (on the downloads page of Dia homepage). It seems I have
less Sheets, less Shapes, no help files, and some more things. Should I
simply take the ones from the dia intallation, or is there somewhere I can
get Dia Shapes and other stuff?



Steffen Macke a écrit :

Hi Clément,

did you follow the instructions in the document below?

I hope they're not too much outdated. I would glad to incorporate updates
to this document.

In general, you should try to use the packages provided by Tor Lillqvist
whereever possible (that's what I do).

basically, the dia/make.msc file should put everything in place to run
the application after compilation. However this depends on the packages
you've used for compilation.

You may also try to copy your compiled dia and/or plugin into the
installation created by the installer.


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