Re: quick question about RDBMS schema

Greg Orlowski sagde:
Hi folks,

I'm sure this has probably been asked on the list a dozen times, but I
haven't been able to find info on it w/google so I'm asking (I just
joined the list).

I want to use dia to create rdbms schemas (table entity-relationship
diagrams). Is there currently development to add appropriate
shapes/types to do this w/dia? Do people currently just use UML class
boxes to map this stuff out?

There's been some attempts at DB objects, but none that actually got
completed.  I believe everybody just use UML, which is kind of a kludge.

If this isn't currently being developed, I might try to look @ the
docs for making new shapes to add the functionality, but I imagine
it's more complicated than just adding simple shapes because one would
want text with the table names, PK's, FK's, similarly to the way it's
set for UML class diagrams.

The UML objects are the most complex objects by a longshot.  Don't expect
to be able to do everything in RDBMS with shapes.

thanks for any info you can give me. A referral to specific
documentation would be great if the documentation exists.

There's some on the Dia Twiki and on the Dia docs page

Good luck!


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