Re: A patch for new signals

Hi again,

since nobody noticed me and my patch maybe I should clarify what it
does and why I want

The patch adds two signals to the GObject DiagramData:
"object_add"        -- emitted when a DiaObject is added to the diagram
"object_remove"   -- emitted when a DiaObject is removed from the diagram

The patch makes it possible to connect to these signals from a python script.
I'm using these signals and other signals on the Diagram object in my
python script since
I need to know when changes happen in a diagram so that I can update
my view of the same digram and it's objects. I'm putting up the script
on sourceforge if you want to have a look at it.

So please have a look at the patch.


2005/11/22, David Johansson <david lgj gmail com>:

I made a patch wich adds two signals to the DiagramData GObject,
"object_add" and "object_remove", and enhances the python plugin so
that you can connect functions to them and the already existant
signals on the Diagram GObject.  I'm using the signals in a Python
plugin for adding arbitrary metadata to a diagram, and it needs to be
notified of some changes.

So, if you add my changes to the CVS I'd be very happy indeed!


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