Re: How do I define a bounding box for the METAPOST output?

Hi there.

Are you running your MetaPost through the "mpost" program before importing it into LaTeX? Pdflatex doesn't handle raw MetaPost very well. I usually add a ".mps" rule to my LaTeX makefiles:

file.pdf: file.tex figure.mps
        pdflatex file.tex

%.mps :
        mpost $<
        mv $(notdir $(<[01234])) $@

Then "\includegraphics{figure}" imports figure.mps instead of

This works for me with Dia 0.92 or the latest CVS under Linux.

-----original message------
> A diagram was created using Dia and exported to Metapost TeX Macros,
> it was included in a LaTeX file, using \includegraphics for subsequent
> processing with pdflatex.
> pdflatex pumped out the error "blah blah no bounding box", so I'd like
> to know how to define one? I've looked this up but all I get is stuff

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