How do I define a bounding box for the METAPOST output?

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A diagram was created using Dia and exported to Metapost TeX Macros,
it was included in a LaTeX file, using \includegraphics for subsequent
processing with pdflatex.

pdflatex pumped out the error "blah blah no bounding box", so I'd like
to know how to define one? I've looked this up but all I get is stuff
about measuring things on paper with a ruler; this sounds unnecessary.
Surely since the graphics are vector one can just specify the width and
height and then LaTeX should automatically handle the generation of a
bounding box? Or maybe one enters the desired dimensions in dia and it
calculates the bounding box?

I tried using mptopdf but it gives me errors and generates no output.
I tried using the pstricks output but it generates errors (from latex)
and fails.

I really would like to be able to use math formula in dia as otherwise
I'll have to manually do the subscripts and so on and they don't look
as good. So as I understand it, metapost is the only way to do it? Otherwise
my backup solution is to use the greek letters from charmap on windows
and paste these in and export as png, but they don't have all the greek
letters and they don't look as good as tex ones.

Usually I'm using dia 0.92-pre7 on FreeBSD could this version cause any
problem. i tried latest version but the compile failed, and I didn't
have time to mess around trying to work out what was wrong.

Also, when I export to PNG I get nice anti-aliased lines, I noticed that
EPS doesn't seem to look as nice, I'm presuming EPS doesn't have the
capacity to anti-alias? Does MP? Or would I have to post process these
files back to PNG to get some nice anti-aliased images?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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